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Now we get to live with a President that doesn't understand our Constitution or our protected rights. Watching Trump go through on the job training with our country at risk is not going to be the "reality TV" entertainment his voters hoped for.

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2016 Travel Jobs: 66 Magazines And Websites That Pay You To Write About Travel

Are you on the hunt for amazing travel jobs that allow you to a make a location independent income (from your laptop) while traveling? You may not know it but there are an extensive variety of ways to make money traveling, especially online, and one of th

I love it when Barry says "everyone agrees, most folks think I did a pretty good job", BUT facts and reality show that most folks, including a PEW research poll, indicate the country is headed in the wrong direction, and that most 2012 voters casting their ballot for BO, regret that decision.

If Melania stays in Trump Tower, so will the Secret Service. Our taxes will pay their rent, which will go right into the Trump family's pockets. Good job, America. 61 million of you just bought a timeshare.

7 Things Not to Say During an Interview --- There are plenty of ways to keep things positive during your interview. Focus on your skills and what you can bring to the job. --- Job-seeking is difficult, but HugSpeak can help make it easy. Our personalized coaching covers everything from resumes and cover letters to social media and practice interviews. We'll help you land that dream job!

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Why We Quit Our Jobs & Gave Up a 6 Figure Income to Teach English in China