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1 - silent e

CVCe Silent e Long vowels Helps students read words with 'e' on the end, and remember why it's not pronounced

This is a great poster to hang up in your classroom to remind students of phonic sounds. I like that is has pictures for some of the words as well. Great visual for students to refer to when reading!  -Katie P.

Age Suitability: Prep - Grade 2 A phonic sounds poster which illustrates the various sounds made when learning to read and write. colourful, fun, and vibrant way for kids to learn, about the English language

3 kim long vowels - Google Search

Just had to share a little project I've been working on to help my firsties understand how "bossy e" works at the end of certain words.

Phonics - vowel pairs, vowel digraphs, diphthongs, r-controlled vowels

Anchor Chart: Letter Combinations and Blends Chart. This chart is a helpful tool for students to learn letter combinations as well as a visual and an example for them to see it.

hard and soft g anchor chart - a nice reference for the kiddos! www.teacherspayte...

Hard and Soft G sound - The Giant Flower Garden

hard and soft g anchor chart - a nice reference for the kiddos! Same rule applies to hard/soft C!

Silent e word work

The teacher creates opportunities for students to learn, practice, and master academic language in their content.

October First Grade Worksheets - Does it Need a Silent e?

October First Grade Worksheets

Get these adorable October First Grade Worksheets for your classroom today. Fun, educational, and easy to print and use. You don't want to miss these!