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The path to a rejuvenating lifestyle has never looks so promising. FT - Express vitality treatments feature a variety of medical injections administered by professional nurses to help fight fatigue, weight gain, aging, sex drive and even a pesky hangover. Our secret formulations of vitality shots infuse the body with the organic compounds and nutrients that the body desperately needs. Take our quiz today to uncover the secret…

Fit and Trim Medical is taking health and fitness to the next level by revolutionizing the building blocks to vitality and bringing you the most coveted personal wellness tools. FT Express Vitality Treatments feature a variety of medical injections administered by professional nurses to help fight fatigue, weight gain, aging, and even a pesky hangover. Check out our weekly deals! Call us today and get a FREE consultation: 954.200.7744 |

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Stress and Adrenal Support– Supplements to address Adrenal Fatigue symptoms – Contains vitamin B12 and other ingredients to reset your Adrenal Glands – 90 Chewable Tablets

Stress and Adrenal Support Vitamin: is a supplement used to help reset your adrenals and help handle stress with vitamins. It works really really well. Ar you looking for THE BEST way to clean your body? You found it! - Look my page!!!

Supercharge your Hormones and Melt Fat with Fit and Trim Medical Do you suffer from stubborn weight loss? Persistent headaches, muscle aches and muscle fatigue? Constipation? Hormonal imbalances and consistent use of hormone replacement treatments such as birth control or creams like progesterone? or food allergies? If any of these seem familiar to you, YOU NEED TO DETOX YOUR BODY! Find out more:


"7 Ways to Rock Cortisol & Manage Your Stress" Dr. Sara Gottfried at Wanderlust's Speakeasy - YouTube

Image: Wikimedia Hypothyroidism can cause many symptoms that greatly impact your life, such as weight gain and fatigue. Of course there are medications available that do work, but if you want to try the natural route first, here some excellent natural remedies that are purported to aid in...

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Does Sleep Deprivation Really Impact Weight Loss

Does Sleep Deprivation Really Impact Weight Loss?

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Health Problems, Chronic Headaches, and 65 Pounds Gone in Six Months on a WFPB Diet

After years of chronic health problems, headaches, obesity, and fatigue, I went on a plant-based diet and turned everything around within months.

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If You Have This Allergy You Absolutely Should Not Use Stevia

Stevia is an herbal plant and there are approximately 200+ species of stevia that grow in South America. Stevia side effects may improve diabetes & insulin.