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Science Saturday – pH Indicators for Kids

If you’ve ever played with natural food dyes, you might have already used red cabbage to make things the colour blue. Crazy, right? Red cabbage has an abundance of pigments (which give it the…

How Do Penguins Stay Dry? Penguin Feathers Science Experiment -

Penguin Feathers Science Experiment, Science Experiment for Kids, Penguin Science Experiment, How Do Penguins Stay Dry, Learning Resources, Learning Activities, Science Activities

Kristin Lee

How do you know when a chemical change has occurred? Help your students find the answer! Find this and other middle school science activities.

13 Civil Rights Picture Books for Kids

13 civil rights picture books for kids to teach about the civil rights movement from What Do We Do All Day

16 Super Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Glow in the Dark Bowling | 16 DIY Summer Activities for Kids Outside | Fun Summer Ideas for Kids Outside Games

Simple Soil Science

Get out in the yard and do a little science. Simple Soil Science is a fun way to learn while playing in the dirt.