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I've been having fun making bookmarks for @rosieschrag and myself to accompany all the neat books we've been reading!



Type as Texture...the movement of the lines, shows motion of the waves moving up and down. SM

from Wallpaper*

Graduate Directory 2015

Russell Hendrie KINGSTON UNIVERSITY Visual Communication Hendrie's work, ‘Election 2010' is a typographic amalgamation of opposing headlines leading up to the 2010 elections. Already an RSA Student Award winner, Hendrie collaborates with fellow student Paul Bailey, focusing on everything from iPad apps to designing Royal Mail stamps. #finecraft

This is a really neat vector illustration which is probably for a book or something else. Or maybe a cover for some indie game. What ever it's for, the colors are really nice and so is the typography. The whole piece has a really great motion and feel to it.

Try to use dots, stripes, lines, curls, italics, bolds, underlines, and different sizes to create your own specific tone and technique. Doing something casual and neat for a friend can include a lot of different types of lettering