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Besides Dean's face and my ridiculous laughter I'm not even going to lie...I actually did this a few weeks ago. I was in the basement and there was a storm but I didn't know and the lights flickered and I was like HOLY FUCK I NEED SALT!!! Sad...

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Clif Kosterman on

Jensen and Jared - Women's World Cup 2015 (Clif's Twitter)-my favorite thing about this is that Jensen took off his goofy wig during the National Anthem. Another reason to love him.

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my boy. on

Jensen on tormenting Sheriff Donna Hanscum aka (Brianna Buckmaster) This has to be one of my favorite Dean scenes from ssn 9 :) :D

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Supernatural on

Crowley always has a way with words. But then again he is also accurate lol one of my fave episodes.

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We Love Supernatural on

This was one of my favorite parts, now whenever I'm watching the show and dean begins to cry I can't help but hum the song through my own tears, cuz face it, when he cries we cry (btw: the songs from the musical are on spotify)


Kylie on

Ok, yes the Funko dolls. But, can we also take a minute to appreciate whatever the heck is going on on Misha's head? 'Cause, honestly, that's what caught my attention.


Smaug The Stupendous on

It really is just so much more than ghosts and monsters. I love this show so much, not cause it has hot actors and funny scenes. I love it cause it has done so much for me in the year that I've been watching it:) And everything else is just bonus!