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My dream stove. Nothing better than an AGA stove in a kitchen. I stayed at sporting estate in Scotland that had a large one like this and it heated the entire manor. Apparently, there is a type that also functions as a furnace as well.

AGA Country Kitchen in white and pink - don't want these colours but like the small recess and shelf above.

Try something different on your AGA heat-storage cooker with our recipe ideas - French Canadian Blueberry Toast . View our AGA recipes & cook with your AGA cooker today.

Boston Beauty Supreme

Boston Beauty Supreme Wood Cookstove, Gas Range and Broiler in powder blue enamel finish.

Royal Rayburn Cooker

Aga Store: Six-Four Series gas ranges and electric ranges My dream stove except not red.

Vintage kitchen O'Keefe & Merritt stove | smhilbert | Flickr

Love it Vintage O'Keefe & Merritt stove . mine is from a little different . it is in the garage in need of repair . hopefully one of my cousins will want it someday.

I likey old stoves!

Take a look inside a cosy Georgian cottage

My idea of cooking heaven...

Gold Medal Glenwood stove -- This is epic. I'm sure it holds up much better than modern stoves. Not sure how I'd feel about having to burn wood though.