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السلاحف البحرية

Endangered turtles

Here is our collection of ocean quotes and scuba diving quotes, from famous sea-lovers and explorers in history.

A rare hypomelanistic Alligator Snapping Turtles

Using an old flour jar for a fish tank makes for a spacious beta environment that you can add live plants to for healthier water. I've never seen a more active beta than Archer!

Offer a helping hand to our marine friends! $1 for every wild purchase will go towards World Wildlife Fund.

The simple things in life... this turtle is on the cuteness board because he's just so happy, eating his strawberry on a beautiful day. This is what "live in the moment" means.

Baby Sea Turtles - their journey begins

I am calling on all nature and animal lovers across the world to unite and support my petition to ask the US Marine Crops to ...