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Being of a sentimental disposition, I seldom take pictures of scenes I'd rather not be witnessing. However, the presence of Martin Perry's Detroit two stoke engined narrow cabbed Bedford TM (he had a wide cabbed one too) in our yard swayed matters. This dismal day saw the final journey of our Willowbrook 'Spacecar' bodied AEC Reliance, LYU 564P. When the coach became due for it's MoT test, hard facts had to be faced, such as the flimsiness of the body. I'd had a heart stopping experience…

Line up of ex Devon General vehicles at the rally site. CTT 513C a 1965 AEC Regent V/Park Royal, CTT 518C a 1965 AEC Regent V/Willowbrook & CTT 23C a 1965 AEC Reliance/Park Royal.

Early 70s. non standard saloons - Barton fleet no.1183, a Willowbrook bodied Bedford YRQ was one of a batch of 11 vehicles purchased new in 1971