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All right, buddy, just take it easy, we’re cops, all right? Okay. And I’m the Dalai Lama. danny williams steve mcgarrett hawaii 5x24 hawaii five-0

Travel Photography Checklist. We're going to use it as an activity for our preteen/teen kids on our next trip. Each day we'll give them items off this list that they have to take pictures.

tonight we're off to istanbul, turkey! we've got a late flight but it's non-stop!! i am hoping to sleep on the plane and finish the second (and maybe third hunger games book (the flight is almost 11 hrs long!) i promise to take lots of photos (h bought a new paparazzi camera just for our trips!) i'll also be sure to eat lots of tasty turkish sweets and meats...mmmmm... here's what i am thinking of wearing on the plane::

Greetings virtual visitor! I'm Anna. Geek. Disnerd. Veggie. Wannabe Mermaid. Reader.Blogger! I post non Disney stuff occasonally. Mostly non Disney animation, Marvel or random text posts. If you want only Disney on your dash, block the tag non-Disney :)

Pack for a Plane Ride As a Teen Girl

Pack a carry-on (your smaller bag). Be sure to include: your camera, iPod/ MP3 player, headphones, book/magazine, phone, a neck support pillow (if it's a longer flight), a warm hoodie because some planes can get very chilly, sudoku or crossword (if you enjoy them) or if you like drawing take a small pencil case and a sketchpad, any homework that you have (if you're missing school), some food (check if you are allowed) like a granola bar or dried fruit (because airplane food can get pretty…

This free app is a fun & social way for your guests to upload photos from your #wedding directly into one online album.