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Masque ventre facial - Limba - Sierra Leone / Guinee

Africa | Body mask from the Limba people of Sierra Leone / Guinea | Wood and paint | ca. 1970s

African Masks from Africa and Haiti

SIERRA LEONE: Mathom (Limba Devil) and Ghongorli, part of the National Dance Troupe, in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Photo by Phillis Galembo.

Iraq | Woman or child's protective amulet necklace from the Kurdish people of Süleimaniye | Early 20th century | Silver

Africa | Bambada cap from the Limba or Kuranko people of northern Sierra Leone | Embroidered cloth

Africa | Man's shirt. Yalunka peoples. Sierra Leone, Kalia | Cotton, natural dye | This dye-stamped, patterned shirt is typical of the Yalunka peoples. It was brought to Bafodea, a center of the Limba peoples who learned dye stamping from the Yalunka. Its complex design motifs would have conferred status and prestige on the wearer.