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from the factory to the club, this worker's beard net doubles as a fashionable cravat. makin' soup all day and love all night... that's how we do.

this worker's beard proves to be more than his net can handle.

FDA regulations state that only the lower third of a worker's beard need be covered. this worker's net straddles the legal line.

remember, it's called a BEARD net, and not a 'STACHE net. allowing workers this strip of dignity helps with morale and productivity.

savvy workers are able to be both sanitary and fashionable. for best results, consider coordinating your net and beard colors.

though it's hard to wear a beard net and not a smile, this worker manages to maintain a stoic disposition.

"they can take my beard, but they'll never take my swagger," this worker proclaims on popular social networking sites. #SwaggerBeardNetYall