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I have a dachshund, and it drives me crazy when I see fat doxies. Dogs are fat because of bad decisions by owners, and a fat dachshund is especially dangerous: it kills their poor backs and tiny little legs!

I have finally found a raincoat with ample tummy coverage...all humans with doxie sidekicks can probably understand the importance of this detail.

DACHSHUND Believe it or not, this dog actually makes an excellent watchdog and was bred to exterminate vermin! The Dachshund is very attached to owner and family, but can be aggressive around unfamiliar children. Their elongated bodies and short, stubby legs can lead to spinal cord problems and issues with obesity. Just make sure you take this "badger dog" with you on short walks around the block or in the backyard.


DIY Homemade Dog Food

Homemade Dog Food for your budget and your dog's health

from Cost Plus World Market

Red Metal Dachshund Wall Storage

A well-bred mix of function and form, our dachshund-shaped storage unit features five wire-backed cubbies for ample storage and an artfully distressed finish for fetching style. >> #WorldMarket Pet Lovers

10 Dog Breeds that are Prone to Obesity

Pet Obesity: Not Just a U.S. Problem

Pet Obesity: Not Just a U.S. Problem

from The Dodo

Obese Dachshund Dropped Off At Shelter Weighing Double What He Should

For animal people. Pass it on.

Obie the Obese Dachshund Get A Facebook Page (PHOTOS)