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Compass rose tattoo - with color and only flowers on one side

Wow, that's beautiful. Might have to steal This.. Make it into a wizard of oz tattoo. Replace the compass with the mechanical heart, color the poppies red.. Oh Jesus that'd be a great piece

This is a photo of one of my newest tattoos, a compass and rose done by my awesome boyfriend Pat Patterson of Lucky 7 Tattoos, WPB Florida. I could try to write a really moving story about why i got this, but honestly I just think compasses and filigree are beautiful, and figured it’d be translate well to tattoo art.

#Compass #tattoo on the back and its flash

this is dead on the style i want for my floral tattoos

compass tattoo - Where can I go to from your Spirit? Psalm 139 I think I need to start doodling my ideas of compasses, feather, and anchors/rope together.

cute rose compass tattoo.... But don't want it on my wrist ... Ribs maybe?

Rose Compass Old School Tattoo by ~Pompelina on deviantART

from Pretty Designs

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Rose tattoo