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100 Memes For Everyone Who's Soulless, Single, Poor, Petty, Extra, Thirsty, And Dramatic But Has A Gr8 Personality

That Long-awaited Book Has Eventually Arrived ! Thought you should know that the book, "Understanding Women" is finally out in paperback.check it out at CNA and Exclusive Books.

27 Tweets Literally Everyone Will Relate To

I was looking at the shoe itself but I didn't realize the stick was gonna fall in the hole

My Small Talk Usually Goes Like This

My Small Talk Usually Goes Like This

but not because I'm rude, because I'm an introvert, and we hate this small talk stuff.

bahahahahahahahahaha so true

when you're in class and the teacher says "find a partner" and you look at your friend like. and they look at you like. haha makes me giggle.

I laughed more than necessary

It's comments like these that give me the strength to keep roasting


When you watched the same vid in art class and now its turned into a meme 😂😂

28 Fresh Memes To Make You Laugh - Funny Gallery

28 Fresh Memes To Make You Laugh

21 Memes About Memes

21 Memes About Memes

21 Memes About Memes--- lol life of a social media specialist :)

To the comment above this hahaha frick you he might be my president but I will NOT respect him ya got that??

The picture on the left is Donald Trump. The picture on the right is Donald Trump with his lips photoshopped where his eyes should be. There is almost no difference.