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Trial for Unregistered Vehicle - Featuring Darryl W. Perry NOW see THIS with EAR’S use EYE’S for NOTES when where APP.’S ? Travel FUELS perhaps ALL GRADES !! with EXISTENT Technologies plus 50,000 and or MORE other ITEM’S merchandise COMMODITIES from Apparels to Zoo Food Drink Shelter Clothing Materials for Birds Animals Humans EVEN undeserving of ALL PUBLIC SERVANT’S Known Unknown Religious NON Religious Alleged SAVANTS needing Reeducation’s

CopWatchTV It Is Unlawfull for Any Police to Interface Engage or Communicate with any Citizen /Except when asking For HELP! RoadStops By Police are UNLAWFULL Illegal and in fact attemptedMURDER!! When any Cop On The Planet "Engages" anyone .. Unless there asking for Assistance Are Commiting a TLD CRIME against The World!! U Police are so GrosslyIgnorant of any Law Ur Very Existance Is ILLEGAL!!

Stuff They Don't Want You to Know - The Thorium - YouTube At 6 min or a few seconds before is what i find to be also an interesting opinion. It maybe even a valid truth of humanity. Freedom is so precious.

Exposed: MERS Robosigning Securitization and Fighting Foreclosure Fraud ...