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There’s a grammar rule that native English speakers follow without even realizing it. When describing something in detail, adjectives are listed in this order: opinion, size, age, shape, color, origin, material, purpose. So, while asking someone to...

And I will keep speaking the truth and doing what I have to. If you don't like it tough. I always speak the truth sometimes people just don't like to hear it and they turn on you like if you are doing wrong by stating how it really is.

thebabeontheback: “ @phantomrin It’s so pretty!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ” Oh yeah, guys, it’s “Empire of Storms” (@sjmaas) , Target ^__^ (Woops, earlier mentioned it as Barnes & Noble - so sorry! Actually, B&N has another surprise;)

OH this quote!!! ~ WHAT IF by Rebecca Donovan ..... there was s time ...

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Oh my gosh yes. I know I wouldn't be taken seriously. I don't even like her so why am I struggling so much with this? Because despite her belief I really am a very good person and a very strong willed woman who believes right is right and wrong is wrong, there is no gray area there.

The older the father, the uglier the child - WTF fun facts

manzinat0r: homoserek: Since when I watched ‘Dungeons, Dungeons and More Dungeons’ episode, a coquettish Stanford vision was in my head It’s a trap? No. Another Disney Princess! Princess Unattainabelle

Normal people would question this. I've gotten so used to our hiatus madness that I looked at this with a :| face and didn't really think much of it.