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The Rob Red diamond. Although only .59 carats, the Rob Red is the most saturated and purest fancy intense red diamond. It is also unique in that it is relatively clean with a VS1 clarity grading. It is named after its owner, Mr. Robert Bogel.

IMPERIAL RUSSIAN DIAMOND TIARA~ Magnificent nuptial crown made for Empress Elizaveta Alexeievna, née Louise of Baden, consort of Tsar Alexander I, Paul I's son. Paul's famous pink diamond is the center focus of this diamond crown.Empress Elizaveta. The tiara was made for her by St Petersburg jeweler, Jacob David Duval ca. 1800.

Crown Princess Marie-Chantal, wife of Pavlos, Crown Prince of Greece, wearing Queen Sophie's Diamond Tiara, Greece (1889; diamonds).

Empress Alexandra Feodorovna’s diamond and emerald tiara created by jewelers Bolin and Fabergé (1900). The 'Columbian Emerald Tiara' belonged to a suite of jewels made for Tsarina Alexandra and her sister, the Grand Duchess Elizabeth feodorovna.

Cameo diadem belonging to Empress Josephine, French, circa 1804-1810. The cameos are set in gold, silver, ivory, rubies, and sapphires.

The Wittelsbach Diamond started as a fancy deep grayish blue diamond weighing in at 35.56 carats. Origins unknown, the diamond "appeared" in 1962 and was determined to be of Indian origin. Passing from one royal family to another, it was eventually sold at auction in 2008 for $23.4 million to London-based jeweler Laurence Graff. Graff then recut the stone, revising it to a Internal Flawless 31.06 carats Fancy Deep Blue Diamond. The biggest blue diamond in the world.