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This is an interesting paper that explores the widespread impact of ethical leadership. Primarily, the research shows ethical leadership does matter within organizations, and ethical leaders can have a positive influence on others to behave ethically. In one of the final parts of the paper, the authors provide several key, practical, take home messages. Read it: (7615)

Interesting article on Ethical organizations coming up on top! This article adresses how creating a vlues driven culture in our organizations and building an ethical framework to hold these values is setting businesses apart form their competitors. This article also adresses the importance of this being a part of an organizations leadership development program! So awesome! - Christen Rapske

This ethics organization provides a timeline and this page follows the development of business ethics through five decades (from 1960 to 2000's), examining: Ethical Climate Major Ethical Dilemmas Business Ethics Developments (5637)

An article about ethical leadership in the business organization. (5221)

This article discusses the differences between compliance and ethics. It also gives examples of how to build an ethical culture, and not transform into the political world to just "win the election". An ethical culture should be a long term goal, not a short term goal for instant satisfaction. (8830)

Our class textbook - a great read if you want to have a better understanding of indepth ethic business practices. This book is by far the best ethics that I have read in quite some time. (2426)

from Forbes

Good News or Bad? Ethics Causing a Rise in CEO Exits

Good News or Bad? This short article provides some stunning information. 42 CEOs out of a job due to ethical breaches. The author reports even more will be removed in the next year. This identifies a significant ethical leadership issue at the top of many organizations. The author makes a much needed call for "superior ethical behavior." This is imperative for leaders in business. (7615)

TEDxToronto - Drew Dudley "Leading with Lollipops" A foundational principle of leadership values and ethics is recognizing your potential impact on others and allow those same people to influence you. Kraemer (2011) discusses self-reflection as a necessity for values-based leaders. Drew Dudley explains that "lollipop" leadership can have tremendous influence and self-reflection is a part of it. Is position/title necessary for influence? - Troy Dunham

This article discusses how Patrick Duffy views ethical leadership and the current need for ethical leadership. Duffy takes time to explain what it takes to be a great ethical leader and gives examples in one paragraph of the article. (3230)

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Decade's Top 10 Executive Ethics Scandals

This Wall Street Journal article describes executive ethical scandals. It is the opposite of ethical leadership (5221)