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I feel like Trump and Hillary are divorced parents fighting over custody of us. But we kind of just wanna go live with grandma

Is Trump gone? I hear he wants to grab me. Kittens and cats of the world, unite.

"Who else has more than one alarm just to wake up?"

She wouldn't. #Hillaryclinton #Hillaryforprison2016 #Neverhillary #Nohillary #Screwhillary

"I follow my kids' social media closely. I noticed my daughter was following Trump and his campaign on Twitter. When I asked her about it, she replied "Always know your enemy." Parenting Win! "

And remember what the Unethical Hillary Clinton has done for 25 years.

Donald 'ThePervert" Trump = Most unqualified and repulsive candidate in US History! #VoteBlueAlways #ClintonKaineForAmerica

I Guess He Knows Something....The Gig is Up and Time Maybe Running Out...

America Please, PAY ATTENTION. The government "ONLY" works for the special interest of the companies that are buying and selling America and for themselves, NOT FOR THE PEOPLE.