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This is a free sample of three activities in the 35 day math investigation. You are an ice cream man (or woman) in the state of California. To sell your ice cream, you will need to travel around the state to many different towns. Your seven investigations (each goes for five days) are as follows:Investigation 1: Distance, Speed and TimeInvestigation 2: Multiplication and Division Investigation 3: Data and StatisticsInvestigation 4: Area, Perimeter and VolumeInvestigation 5: Worded…

FREEBIE - Addition Pick and Clip Math Games Freebies by Games 4 Learning. These are 2 player addition games and players use clothespins to clip their addition equations.

There is so much to love about this FREE project. First, it is totally appealing to kids - who doesn't love turtles? Second, kids get to apply math in a real world situation. Third, it covers several math standards. Awesome!

2 FREE Fall Multiplication Bump Games (Factors 1-10)Includes:game boards, spinner and arrow template, and directions

Free!! Delicious Donuts: Missing Addends Math CenterMaking TenThis is a delicious donut themed math center, focusing on missing addends. Students will use manipulatives to find the missing addend for sums of 10. Great practice for ways to make 10.This is appropriate for kindergarten and 1st grade, or any student that needs to work on missing addends.

Laura Candler's Mastering Math Facts Multiplication and Division

Mastering Math Facts Multiplication and Division: Aligned with the Common Core is a 208-page comprehensive ebook that includes dozens of lessons, strategies, games, and activities to introduce or review multiplication tables. The step-by-step lessons make it easy to teach the foundations of multiplication and division, and the Mastering Math Facts motivational system ensures that all students learn their math facts fluently. Now available in print, too! $

CSI: Elementary -- Unit 2 -- Problem Solving with Multiplication and Division

CSI Elementary -- Unit 2 -- Problem Solving with Multiplication and Division

Gum Ball Math Addition to 20

Gum Ball Math Addition to 20, Color the Sum, Colour the SumThis activity comes in both British and American spelling of color/colour. Students have to colour/color the sums that make the number in the gum ball machine.This download includes numbers 0 - 20.