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Madlib prepared this Carhartt Radio set that accompanies the Medicine Show Europe & Australia Tour 2012 with Freddie Gibbs, J Rocc. His mix features unreleased, unheard, and exclusive Madlib material in combination with some known stuff out of his musical universe. Photos by Egon: The crew landed yesterday and met the French magazine Modzik.

PINK FLOYD SYD BARRETT STORY DVD 2003 PROMO POSTER Join the Laughing Madcaps - Syd Barrett Facebook Group to see and discuss anything/everything Syd and early Pink Floyd. This is THE oldest Syd Barrett group in the Internet having been around since 1998. Facebook is our latest home. This group put out the definitive CD set of unreleased Syd: Have You Got It Yet? We have the world's largest Archive of images too! Click:

Blue Box, HTML5 and CSS3, single column layout. Unfinished and unreleased as of March 15th 2012.

Help us, dear friends. Which of the three yet unreleased shoulder pads, visible on this photo, should be released this week? Counting from left, no. 1, no. 2 or no. 3? (model in the background has Air Cav pad, which is already available). Pick your favourite and comment, please.

Dear Diary, HTML5 and CSS3 template with handwriting font. Unfinished and unreleased as of March 15th, 2012.