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from Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Facebook Sunday … Plus!!

.Loyalty is just a word, and Patriotism is now a crime...lying is now the new obama's world....he's destroyed America's values..

To fly into more buildings and kill Americans.

Trump still emerged the winner! When you're being honest and the other candidate hasn't done anything but destroy America it makes it easy to stay on top. Vote Trump! Accountability people!

Meet the New Authoritarian Masters of the Internet - Breitbart | America Conservative 2 Conservative

Secret emails. Questionable campaign donations. Endless hypocrisy. Repin if you…

I could not have said it better myself... Low information voters are helping Obama destroy America...

Secret papers show the Muslim Brotherhood's plan to destroy America and Europe. Counter-terrorism expert Erick Stakelbeck asks why they're frequent guests of the White House. He says America needs to wake up now to the enemy within.

Democrats destroyed Detroit - once the richest city in America. Now they are destroying America. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

When the left is starting to admit these things, you know there is a problem! When will America wake up? This man is dangerous in the position he has held.