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literally true here, lol. Don't forget the grit on your face and in your teeth and the little muddy footprints on your pants where the kidos decided to run up and jump on you to get a hug! But definitely, always with eyes sparkling. Love what I get to do!

There’s that adage; if you’re not being challenged then you’re never going to change. Well, watch out – I have a feeling I might be a whole new person soon – so many new challenges are getting thrown into my face right now. But I guess that ain’t so bad!…

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. -Dr. Seuss / Image via dumpday.com / #inspiringquote

Betrayal comes from the ones closet to us and whom we love. Yep... Sadly, isn't that the truth? and the truth is that we will betray others the question is. can we pick ourselves up and keep moving?

A simple little reminder that none of us are impervious to hardship, what matters, what defines us, is how we choose to deal with it. || My brand new book Playing With Fire is available via the link on the home page along with all my older books. || ✊

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