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This memento mori photo contains not a single deceased person, yet it feels more powerful than many of the post mortem images The stark simplicity is breathtaking. And that little boy’s determined face, wearing his father’s uniform cap

ca. 1850’s, [melancholy daguerreotype portrait of a gentleman holding child], Samuel Broadbent via the Daguerreian Society, Grant Dinsmore Collection

Oh PLEASE! All right photograph your newly dead baby surrounded by flowers before burial ... but digging the poor thing up after months under ground - this is just totally gross!

memento mori photo - most of the time they better close the eyes of the children, it makes them creepy and not nice to remember imho.

A lot of the photos of deceased children were called Angel Photos apparently it was quite a common practice in the late 1800’s early 1900’s. Often it was the only photograph a family had of a child.

abinferis: …The effect of life was sometimes enhanced by either propping the subject’s eyes open or painting pupils onto the photographic print, and many early images have a rosy tint added to the cheeks of the corpse. As interesting as it is, I haven’t posted much about post-mortem photography before, just because its EVERYWHERE, but this image is particularly haunting!