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From Stuff Mormons Say, created by Joseph Sim (YouTube - @Joseph Sim) - - - - (Tags) LDS quote, Stuff Mormons Say, 1, 2, 3, Mormon humour, Joseph Sim, Mormon comedy, things mormons say. Mrjosephsim Mr.

from Life As Mama

The 10 Most Epic Pinterest Fails of All Time

LOL, i laughed way too hard!

He Didn't Choose The Ugg Life #lol #haha #funny

I don't watch super natural but I am subscribed to misha Collins, cooking fast and fresh with west is priceless!

Fast an Furious 6- we actually do this at my house now because of the movie. Haha

when i was an itty bitty i wanted toms but i couldnt get them bc my feet were growin too fast so i tried 2 make some w socks and scotch tape

I have never hit repin so fast in my life<<same. All the prodects I use either badly dry my skin out, don't work or contain stuff like parabens which is even worse

I'm a white person and I say "stupid white people" more then I would like to

"More alphabets" hahahahaha. Cracks me up every time :L