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☆ Buckeye Nuts are carried to Ward off arthritis, rheumatism and migraines and ensure male potency. Bring good fortune to gamblers. Wrap a two-dollar bill around the Buckeye folding it toward them to draw the money to bring Good Luck in Games of Chance. Add a Buckeye to a green flannel Mojo Hand containing Lucky Money Herbs: Allspice, Chamomile, Bayberry, Cinnamon, Alfalfa, and Irish Moss. Before handling their cash, they dress the bag with Money Drawing Oil and recite the 23rd Psalm. ☆

Once you've bought your lottery ticket, ages-old 'secret' winning tips tell you to keep a 'lucky' charm on top of the ticket until the numbers are officially chosen. I use my 'Good Fortune Coin Cure' but you can use ANY luck related talisman or charm! Accent on the word 'luck!'

Glass Geishas By Susanna Quinn. To Steph, working as a bar hostess in Japan sounds too good to be true. Friends say she can earn a fortune simply by flirting with drunk businessmen, and there's no sex involved - honest. Old friends, Julia and Annabel, are earning piles of cash in Tokyo and say hostessing is perfectly safe. But once in Japan, Steph realises Julia is a shadow of her former self and Annabel has disappeared. No one cares that Annabel's gone.

Chan Chu (aka Jin Chan) The Jin Chan is a frog or toad in Chinese mythology that appears near a home or business that is soon to receive good news or financial gain. In one legend, Jin Chan  was once a woman who was turned into a toad as punishment for stealing the Peaches of Immortality. #Chinese #Mythology

Dried Jasmine Flowers. Jasminum Officinale. For Love, Meditation, Relaxation, Prophetic Dreams, Healing the Aura, psychic protection, money flow, confidence building or as an aphrodisiac to draw in lovers. herbalist, botanical, apothecary, witch cottage, wicca, magick. Available Here:

BOLDO is a Mexican herb highly valued along the Texas-Mexico border where brujeria and curandismo have mingled with hoodoo rootwork. People who operate public places such as bars, restaurants, and houses of prostitution tell us that sprinkling BOLDO around the premises once a week will keep away bad customers and those who carry sickness. Soaking BOLDO in hot water to make a tea and then sprinkling as well as drinking the tea-water is an alternative way they employ this herb.

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List of Wiccan Foods and their Magical Properties

In Europe, mugwort most often refers to the species Artemisia vulgaris, or common mugwort. etymology, species, uses all on this page!