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Broadway is the typical eat too much, kind of puny guy. One really unique trait among his brothers is that he loves cinema - particularly police movies. In one episode he picks up Elisa's gun and it discharges, injuring Elisa. Since the incident he hates guns and tries keep them off the street.

Lexington is one of the most eager of his brothers to learn how the modern world works (I say modern, but all it takes is one look at the floppy disc and you have to remember the 90's). If ever a technical genius is ever needed he's your Gargoyle. Being the youngest of the group it also makes sense that he can adapt more quickly than the others.

While Goliath and Othello were close, Othello found more personal council with his brother Iago. When Iago tricked Othello into thinking that Goliath was moving in on his mate, he tried to banish Goliath. Once Goliath and Desdemona managed to convince him otherwise. In order to stop Iago's treachery both he and Desdemona were sealed within Othello's mind (therefore he is certified crazy)

Coldstone is a resurecced Gargoyle made by Demona and Xanatos. Unfortunately it is made of three Gargoyles: Othello, Desdemona, and Iago. There are also cybernetic enhancements from Xanatos. He was one of Goliath's brothers amongst the clan, but the three Gargoyles within him fight for control.

Lexington early on much like his brothers enjoyed TV, but after finding out his heroes are actually villains he never trusts TV again. His heroes are 'The Pack' - this is a picture of Dingo, sort of the outlaw type. Later when the Pack "upgrades" he gets an armored suit. Even later he befriends the Gargoyles and spends his life in the Outback.

Magus, fearing that the Lady had been harmed, cast a spell on the rest of Goliath's remaining warriors - turning them to stone until the castle can be lifted above the clouds. With nothing else to live for Goliath returns his brothers to the castle and has the Lady Katherine, Magus, and Tom take the remaining Gargoyle eggs somewhere safe. Then asks the Magus to cast the spell one more time.

There is one episode where humans and Gargoyles switch places and at one point Elisa became a Gargoyle - this is what she looked like.