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This huge rare flower, Raflesia arnoldi grows in the jungles of Indonesia and the corpus flower smells like a dead body.

Rafflesia Arnoldii the world’s largest flower. Diameter of about one meter and weighing up to ten kilograms. It's rare not easily located, growing once a year, blooming for 5 days. Found in Indonesian rain forests of southeastern Asia and Philippines.

Ook de gladiool is een geboortebloem van augustus

Diverticular disease is a consequence of a low-fiber diet typically of the Western hemisphere. Learn why a prolonged usage of laxatives can be life changing – not in a good way.

© by Klaus Art

© by Klaus Art


La orquídea es la flor más bella del mundo, ¿o no?

Moth Orchid (Phalaenopsis) - grow well in centrally heated rooms and have long-lasting flowers produced all year round. They are one of the most popular indoor orchids.