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This is exactly how i feel after i cut someone out of my life. And I've thought this same thing which has stopped me from being upset. What i tell myself is that the person you thought they were never actually existed, you were just loving the person you thought they were, whom doesn't exist, so there's no use in crying over something or someone that doesn't exist.

Well ain't that the truth! You're like an old worn out record! Can't you come up with something new??? I know, burglary, fraud, blah, blah, blah, blah! Old that all you got?

My Life. When I try to be crazy and funny people look at me like I'm nuts but then when I'm my normal self and quiet people always assume I'm pissed off.

This explains mine & Wesley's situation perfectly! 1 month ago a tragic thing took place that not many know about!!! We had to stop seeing all of our friends and focus on one specific thing. Happy God took care of everything even though it didn't turn out the way we planned.