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I did a Craniotomy today!!!!!!! It was absolutely the most interesting procedure I have done yet and undoubtably my favorite thus far! Makes me seriously reconsider my path to becoming a Cardiovascular First Assist and maybe think more towards the Neurosurgery Specialty! A craniotomy is the surgical removal of part of the bone from the skull to expose the brain. Our patient had a Frontal Lobe Tumor that we removed and is now cancer free! What a successful day in the OR! :)

A summary of pictures from shadowing an Anesthesiologist in the OR this summer! The greatest experience ever!!!

Surgery Tips: Secrets Your Surgeon Won't Tell You

Being a surgeon means working long hours, standing on your feet forever, seeing things that a normal person would cry from, but you do it because when you see the reaction on there face when you save them... its all worth it.