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Here Queen let me straighten that crown. Real women build each other up not tear each other apart

Shout out to all of the grave chronic pain/illness warriors out there ❤❤ #Inspiration #ChronicIllnessQuotes

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this is why i was late the other day greg...i was walking out the door and...

"There comes a point in your life when you need to stop reading other people's books and write your own" -Albert Einstein

When life seems to be throwing too many curveballs, or you feel like you're not getting anything right, let's not forget to find ways to climb out of our own darkness. I still struggle to remain optimistic at times, and still have demons in my head that are harder to beat some days than others. But today I remind myself to be grateful for my life, forgive my flaws, and harness positive thinking to improve myself. My message today: instead of tearing yourself down, remember this - sometimes…

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I know it looks this way to others, but really I am reclaiming myself...the most true and authentic self, freed from the limitations of imposed expectations.