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1848 Colt Second Model Dragoon - The famous 1848 Colt Dragoon Revolver models evolved from the 1847 Colt Walker Revolver, and were produced from 1848 to 1863. Shorter than the Walker, the Dragoon was more reliable and efficient. The 2nd Model Dragoon differs from the 1st Model in the cylinder bolt slot, which is square in section instead of oval.

The Remington New Model, was a percussion revolver manufactured by Eliphalet Remington & Sons in .36-(Navy) or .44-(Army) caliber revolver used during the American Civil War. The Remington revolver was a secondary, supplemental issue firearm for the Union Army until the Colt factory fire of 1864. Due to the fire, the preferred Colt 1860 Army was not available for some time, and large numbers of the Remington revolver were ordered by the U.S. Government as a substitute. It was expensive and…

LeMat Pinfire Revolver One of the favorite pistols of the American Civil War, at least for certain officers like General J.E.B Stuart on the Confederate side, was the LeMat revolver. Capable of firing regular conical or round bullets from nine cylinder chambers, the LeMat also could discharge a load of buckshot from a lower barrel.

One of the most important maps of the Civil War was also one of the most visually striking: a map of the slaveholding states, which clearly illustrates the varying concentrations of slaves across the South. Abraham Lincoln loved the map and consulted it often; it even appears in a famous 1864 painting of the president and his cabinet.