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Capri is the perfect bag to reconcile your working and family life. Designed by a woman, a mother, a professional. Made for you who want to have a light but roomy bag, able to contain your different lives and satisfy your needs: the need to have space for your working tools, the need to have pockets for your baby's objects and the need to always feel fashion and elegant.

Bhodisit bag Sulla borsa base “nude” puoi cambiare l’abito, fatto su misura, i manici e vari accessori. Così hai una borsa nuova ad ogni occasione e ogni stagione... Oggetti pensati per cambio di colore. #mmgFantasia4

The skin Capri coffee ari is the warm and reassuring color. It is appropriate for every season. Your bag will always be the protagonist, helping you to manage your commitments. To reconcile working and family life is difficult for women who want to live deeply their motherhood and their career. Stefania Martone just works on this field: women's coaching, to help women find the right balance between their ambitions and their family life.

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Have your ever thought of having a compartment in your wardrobe dedicated to dresses and accessories for your #bag ?

With Bhodisit you are free to change dramatically the look of your #bag several times in a day if you want, simply carrying with you some skins ( #bag's dresses) and a few accessories!