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Advice for the artist on the art materials required for oil painting, including art brushes, sables, oil painting mediums, such as linseed oil, impasto medium and alkyds, advice on varnishes. Further advice on how to draw accurately and composing a still life for painting is covered.

from Julianna Marttila

Pattern Crush: Cityscape

city scape

LuB1web0.jpg #3 Drawings from observation (12 sm enlargements) examples and explanation

compact, like a little apartment. could be as messy as I wanted to be....DREAM STUDIO.

I love this ...simple... something about 'doors' and real estate ;) make me happy!

Watercolour Building Lesson - Stone Built Buildings

Use a viewfinder to create your own compositions. Notice form, line, and shape and how they are working together in your cropping. We get as much info from this sketch as we would from a sketch of the entire bicycle.