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It’s almost time for holiday houseguests and family to visit from out of town. Make sure your home is ready for visitors by installing this Convertible Wall Bed into your guest room. The best part? You can easily stow it away after the holidays to save space—not to mention, it has a classic, traditional style that you’ll love! Shop this furniture piece and find additional festive Christmas decorations to pair with it at!

Homemade Furniture Polish That's Natural

Are you still using Pledge furniture polish to clean the wood in your home? It's time to stop and try making your own homemade furniture polish. It's easy!

When You See Inside This Tiny House, You’ll Be Amazed At What Can Fit Inside Just 28 Feet!

Having actually lived in a mobile home before, I can tell you that it can get…

17 Multi-Purpose Furniture That Changes Function In No Time

This is Matroshka. It’s a collection of furniture pieces inspired by the Russian dolls that everyone knows about. The collection is composed of several versatile pieces that can be combined and configured in lots of different ways. But the best part is that the furniture pieces can be stored in one another.

Office Furniture Refurbish

The project that will go down in history as “The Office” is finally coming together. Just love it when all the hard work you put in finally starts paying off! Now that we have Stripped, Fixed Cracks, Sanded, Painted and Stenciled, it is time for the Office Furniture Refurbish. Each section of the room was …

This is Not an Optical Illusion, Just Luna, a Real Lamp That Looks Exactly Like the Moon

awesome This is Not an Optical Illusion, Just Luna, a Real Lamp That Looks Exactly Like the Moon by