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"To the rescue!" By Marina Gondra via

Photo Manipulations by PureRomance

boating above the clouds, fish in clouds, pink flower tree part of boat, Photo Manipulations by PureRomance

This 14-Year-Old Boy Is Kicking Your Ass At Photo Manipulation http://www.buzzfeed.com/chrisritter16/inspiring-images-featuring-the-artist-and-photographer-a-14

This is so cool, want a pic like this with Aoibhinn! Miniature World Photo Manipulations by 14 Year Old Photographer Fiddle Oak fiddleoak 13

Potent December 2013, Connecticut

People with Chiron/Neptune aspects have the wound of too many daydreams. The wound of the desire to be one with everything. The wound of the desire to .

Amazing Photo Manipulations by Even Liu

red row boat in small circle lake, Amazing Photo Manipulations by Even Liu

Kid Photo Shoots That Will Crack You Up | Disney Baby

We have to admit that the idea of a flying baby might freak you out at first, but these photos by Rachel Hulin are just too darn adorable. Rachel Hulin’s Flying Babies