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When I was younger I always wanted to travel and see the world with my own two eyes instead of watching it on tv or reading about it. Thankful I found a way to do that. Life is better with the Lil Blue Sign #ysbh#travel #TheWhiteHouse#ITLooksbiggerOnTvThanInPerson by therealbosunga #WhiteHouse #USA

Another team member qualifying for the BMW bonus! Ryan, with his team, generates a minimum of 12 sales a month for our Tier 1 bonus. We promote lifestyle and peak life experiences. This lil' blue sign takes people all over the world. Want in? Txt me. #ysbh #fun #freedom #fulfillment

Stop telling people the "lil blue sign" is going viral… Start SHOWING them! #wvunited

Caught up in the moment... with DAVE ULLOA! Forgot to open my lil Blue sign... U know it's near & dear to my heart!