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CW's The 100 - Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin. All the times Bellamy refers to Clarke as "Princess," which makes me so happy. It started out as a joke, but it's kind of not a joke anymore :) |The 100||CW||TV Shows||Bellarke||Clarke and Bellamy|

She Needed A Hero So That's What She Became - Clarke Griffin, Octavia Blake and Raven Reyes

Clarke Griffin and Thelonius Jaha || The 100 season 1 || Eliza Taylor and Isiah Washington

You are my people || The 100 season 2 episode 13 || Lincoln and Clarke Griffin || Ricky Whittle and Eliza Taylor

The 100 - Bellamy & Clarke. Yes, I ship them. I see so much potential in it (and yeah, he's hot, sue me), but I'm worried it won't happen.

The 100 cast: Devon Bostick, Eliza Taylor and Chris Larkin II Jasper Jordan, Clarke Griffin and Monty Green