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"The synchronicities and signs in our lives, DO NOT make sense in the middle of the journey. We are entrusted to follow our instinct, our intuition, our "gut" from one to the next as if we are arranging puzzle pieces on a table with no idea of what picture they will make. But it is my solemn promise that in the end...If you follow the signs in your life, the picture of your life, your purpose and your destiny will come into full view. Every tiny..." Quote by Teal Swan (The Spiritual…

What is My Purpose? A beautiful explanation of finding one's purpose in life by an extraordinary young women called Teal Scott.

"The lessons belonging to any spiritual teacher should be treated like pieces of art. They are a unique expression of one being's perspective. Consider that perspective. Take the colors that resonate with you and make them a part of your life. Don't concern yourself with the ones that don't. Build the masterpiece of your life from a combination of colors, taken from many different spiritual teachers." Quote by Teal Swan (The Spiritual Catalyst)

"What you cannot see is that the universe is always carrying you towards your highest good, even if the road to your highest good takes you straight through the depths of hell." Quote by Teal Swan (The Spiritual Catalyst)