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Vegan Comics  Can't stand when farmers say they love their cows...  and then they send them off to slaughter after a life of slavery. ...

We love our animals, we treat them like our own children / vegan humor / vegan lifestyle / vegan meme

from the crazed and brilliant mind of Gary Larson

from the crazed and brilliant mind of Gary Larson - Was he a vegan-animal rights activist?

Eat a Snickers

Yes; yes it does. Don't trust people who can't eat chocolate. I am allergic and I still eat it.

vegan sidekick comic

Comics That Every Vegan Can Relate to

10/10 would happen<< OMG the sign in the back of the third panel! I'm DYING!!!

people who make comics about the obama family deserve eternal life<<<< OBAMA MEANS FAMILY

Every drop of my blood is worth billions and why everyone else is disgusting.

Scientists find blood from vegans is eight times more protective against cancer

Thug Kitchen-Peach pancakes-  lol this blog cracks me up every time. Too salty for some

Thug Kitchen: Peach Pancakes (seriously, go look at the whole thing, and if you don't laugh out loud at one frame, you are NOT my true friend)

Not that I don't like veggies or hummus but this is too funny. Gemma Correll #Illustration #Cartoon @Heather Cooper-Koziol

My heart goes out to the cartoon hummus eating herbivore. Screw you mean dinosaurs.