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Giclée Printing creates fine art prints from a digital source using ink-jet technology.


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Beautiful ALPA 12 TC camera does large-format digital or film

alpa 12 TC - sem preço

An introduction to 4x5 large format photography Part: 2 - Japan Camera Hunter

Venturing into Large Format Photography (Part 3)PhotoScapes

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Kickstarter: Galaxy Wants to Bring Back Large Format Dry Plate Photography

Galaxy Dry Plate Kickstarter Large Format Photography

build your own large format camera :)

Large format tiles create seamless surfaces minimising grout lines. With fewer grout lines gives the sense of open and larger spaces.  There are so many options other than 600 x 600 or 300 x 600, give your space the look of luxury with large format tiles...

We all strive for quality in our photography. We invest in more megapixels, bigger sensors and even our time into learning new techniques to ensure our images are as technically perfect as they can be. There is one way to ensure you are getting the very best in image quality, a sensor so large that …