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Why We Have to Feel to Heal


The Great Give Back Underway!! Do You Feel It??

To all those who have caused me hassle and pain. Thank you for your gifts of experience. To Andrew, an amazing soul and a wonderful friend. Thanks for everything particularly your understanding.

from Love Has Won

Beyond Healing ~ From Fixing to Integrating



The Massive Energy Dump Will Organize as We Head into The Solstice

Vue d'artiste du quasar ULAS J1120+0641 découvert par l'ESO. Crédit: ESO.

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6 Ways Being Alone Is Good For Your Soul

By Higher Perspective We see loners and people who enjoy their time as being alone as weird. Some people feel guilty when they spend time alone, or they just don’t like it. But being alone and being a loner, or lonely even, are completely different things. People need time alone. It can be good for our souls to take a little time for ourselves. These are 6 ways being alone can be good for the soul. 1. Being alone builds your confidence. It’s hard to remain confident when you have so many external forces pushing and pulling at you. Spending some time alone helps you get in touch with yourself and build your confidence. 2. Being alone helps clear your mind. Without all the chatter of everyday life, all the people talking and all the media we see, we begin to clear our minds. During this time alone,  meditation can be a wonderful way to help center ourselves and clear our minds. 3. Being alone helps you prioritize. It’s hard to know what’s important when everyone else is trying to tell you what’s important for you. Spending time alone and evaluating your life helps you decide what’s important and establishes priorities for you. 4. Being alone relieves stress. Stress and anxiety are almost always caused by external forces, like judgement and the expectations of others. Spending time alone helps us unwind and think about what’s important to us instead of what we must do for others. 5. Being alone makes you more productive. When you’re constantly around other people, it’s hard to pursue dreams and do the things we know we need to do. Taking time out of every day to be alone helps you gather your thoughts and be more productive. 6. Being alone makes you more independent. And who doesn’t need more of that?


By The River

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from Love Has Won

Weekly LightBlast ~ Creation Comes to Pass

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Pollinating Peace and Love

Posted by Charlie Riverman Bergeron, 11/18/2015 We are but the seeds of Love awakening in time constantly seeking the Light which nourishes us The darkness of our germination Now coming to an end We reach out to the pollinators that we may blossom and flourish bringing forth Peace and Love cRb 10.11.12


The Ancients Always Understood That The Earth is A Living Spiritual Being

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Burst Free From The Shackles of Limitation

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