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AU NATUREL – The All-Natural Burger Extended Director’s Cut Check out model Charlotte McKinney, (who they keep saying is the next Kate Upton), going au naturel in this Super Bowl ad for the fast-food burger joint, Carl’s Jr., that has received over 2.5M views already….

Washington, D.C.–area favorite Five Guys burst across the fast-food scene since they started offering franchises in 2003, with well over a thousand locations now open across America, and even Canada and the U.K. The burger joint offers a simple menu with fresh ingredients free of artificial flavors or hidden chemicals. …

This is a Carl's Jr ad, for a Western Bacon Cheese Burger, although most people probably noticed that second. They use the seduction of a beautiful women licking (rather than using a napkin) barbecue sauce off her hand to get the attention of males, on top of telling girls hey if she looks hot eating it, i can eat it too. This in turn making their product look appealing to males and females