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Empusidae (cone-headed mantids) Empusa guttula. Body length 74mm. [image by M. Picker & C. Griffiths © from Field Guide to Insects of South Africa used with permission].

I don't like grasshoppers, because they devour my perennials! But this one is mighty pretty :) | Grasshopper

Treehoppers: Aetalionidae, Melizoderidae, and Membracidae (Hemiptera)

Revelry thing about 12th Ameameame |? National Geographic (NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC) Japan Official site

Darting Tortoise Beetle (Charidotella sp) from Panama ~ By Arthur Anker

Makes me wonder what's going to happen when Jehovah opens our eyes to everything in the new system. "Wow" Leaf Insect - S Asia Australia

Grasshopper - Dactylotum bicolor <3

Stalk-eyed-fly (Diopsidae) Stalk-eyed-flies are insects of the fly family Diopsidae. The family is distinguished from most other flies by the possession of “eyestalks”: projections from the sides of...