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Getting the right match for your walls is not an easy task, but when you achieve that, it completes the emptiness of the #room like shown here.

Central Park's The Room has given a whole new meaning to the concept of Studio Apartments! With apartments that are embellished with bells and whistles of 5-star living, THE ROOM will completely change the way you look at Studio apartments!

Elegant yellow gold curtain windows with enchanting arm chair & sensational gray sofa extraordinary window curtains completes the look & feel of the room.

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"All white fixtures in the living room facing greens create a serene and suitable environment to spend the rest of your life around such a beauty."

Living #room should always have a high end designing as it always receives more formal treatment than other rooms. Use low tone space-stretching color schemes , to give it a spacious and welcoming look.

#CentralPark's THE ROOM will change your outlook towards the way you envision a fine living. It offers prolific interiors and amenities like 24*7 service floor, multi-cuisine #restaurants, world class retail outlets and lots more. Located 5mins away from the heart of city, isn't it a striking place to live a fabulous life!

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