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VERAMEAT Goldfish Pin Awesome stuff for you & your space

- Also, if they do want to talk about it, listen while they rant. They don't always want solutions, just the ability to rant and sort their own feelings.

Sand, Shells, and killer nails. AKA, three of my favorite things, all rolled into one.

Would you like to make these beautiful shaped Jiaozi Chinese dumplings that you can shape into a Goldfish ?- The Homestead Survival - Jiaozi Chinese Dumpling Dough and Garlic Chili Sauce Recipe

Like other MB Boucher pieces in 1941 marked Pat Pend, no patent was issued. Brunialti, American Costume Jewelry - Art and Industry (2008) Vol 1 pp 47-61, part of the 1941 metallic enamel series, designer Marcel Boucher.