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I'm always looking for ways to JAZZ UP my Speller's Choice assignments, and I think I've just uncovered a GOLDMINE. I am soooooooooo tempted to put GLITTER WORDS on the next assignment, but I am SO AFRAID of the GLITTER EXPLOSION which is guaranteed to TAKE MY GRADE PILE, DESK, TEACHER BAG, DESK AT HOME, FLOOR AT HOME, HANDS, CAR, CLOTHES, AND SURELY MY EYES (it always ends up in my eyes eventually) BY STORM!!!

Tales-of-a-First-Grade-Teacher: Classroom Design and Linky Party. She used the Dots on Turquoise pennants border and Stripes & Stitches Border in her classroom.

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Improve Your Vocabulary With the “Wheel of Feelings”

Find A Better Word Chart. So saving this for later

Awesome free literacy centers! 2 super fun sight word games.

Super fun way for practicing the /l/ sound during therapy. 48 flies containing the /l/ in the initial, medial, and final word position.--oh, and it's FREE!

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Totally Hooked! The Many Uses for Stick-On Hooks in My Classroom

A portable word wall! Students can grab the word that they need and take it back to their desks. This also makes it easier to add new words to the wall without running out of space.

FREE Roll a Rhyme with THREE levels of rhyming fun: 1- matching rhyming pictures, 2- matching pictures to rhyming words, 3- matching just the words | This Reading Mama

E is for Explore! Vocabulary Roll--take vocab words out of a hat, roll the dice and then act the word, draw it, define it, rhyme something with it, or give a synonym/antonym for it. Fun!

Dean an Sam are fishing they never really just get to have free time so I'm at the dock fishing and I decide to go swimming I start laughing and I splash water on Sam and dean and I get a little on cas. (Open Rp with Sam, dean and cas.)