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3 firefighters have now informed me that due to the chemicals their gear is treated with- this could be a problem. It's adorable, but think twice about it ♥

My robotics teacher is telling us to make a storage, so I'm planning to make a storage for my 3ds games based on their category; RPG, Action, Puzzle, Racing, etc, but I'm having trouble. any suggestions?

Asgard (comics) - Contents 1 Fictional history 2 Regions 2.1 The Nine Worlds 2.2 Other regions 3 The six races 4 Racial attributes 5 Flora and Fauna 5.1 Flora 5.2 Fauna

Ukiyo-e Heroes: Donkey Kong Visits 17th-Century Japan Mario racing a rickshaw, Kirby wielding a katana, and Donkey Kong bounding past cherry blossoms. In his fantastical Ukiyo-e Heroes series, 29-year-old illustrator Jed Henry reimagines classic...