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стайлз стилински настоящее имя - Поиск в Google

Teen Wolf || Colton is captain of the Sterek/Hobrien ship

Or maybe he knows that Stiles annoys Derek and he just can't help but be a troll. Let's be honest--he's not uncle of the year.

Tyler Hoechlin and Dylan O'Brien are so cute together

O_O gideon bruh your a sterek shipper i love you so much more now. i loved you before. but still.

Dylan O'Brien and Tyler Hoechlin, caught in a ship. #teenwolf #sterek

I'm not really a Sterek fan but I just love how Dylan and Tyler are so silly. But I'm more of a Stiles and Lydia fan or a Stiles and Milia fan ;)

Stiles uses a classic pick-up line on Derek... it works ;)

Sterek and The Grumpy Sisters; cats and sterek!!! my life is complete now!